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A new school year is the perfect time to get back into a healthy routine. 
Few tips for you:
✅Make #breakfast a priorityEating a healthy breakfast is the best way to start the day, for children and adults alike. To encourage your kids to eat a good breakfast before school, sit down and eat with them. The act of eating breakfast together models that breakfast is important for everyone.Wake up just a little bit earlier if needed.
A balanced breakfast doesn't have to be an elaborate hot meal. 
A bowl of whole-grain cereal🍚+ milk + a piece of fruit is a quick and nutritious breakfast.✅ Ask your kids how they eat at schoolWhile many schools offer a variety of healthy options, many kids eating school lunches aren't eating enough.Not getting enough calories early in the day can cause kids to feel sluggish and easily distracted. This leads to feeling overly hungry after school and into the evening.
If you notice your children seem to be excessively hungry after school, ask them about how they're eating at school. Pack a healthy lunch if your child doesn't care for the food choices the school offers. It's a great way to ensure they get to eat enough of the healthy foods they like.
✅ Have a nutritious #snack ready for after schoolNo matter how well a child eats at breakfast and lunch they will most likely be hungry after school. Find the right-sized snack to help them come to dinner hungry, but not starving. Hungry children are more likely to try new foods, but if they are overly hungry, they are more inclined to eat very quickly and possibly overeat. 
Here some tips:
🍎 an apple with a tablespoon of #peanutbutter🥛 a cup of #yogurt or milk🥟a healthy granola bar 🧀#cheese and whole-grain crackersThink of snack times as additional opportunities during the day for kids to eat more of the foods they might not be getting enough of in their three meals. Make the most of snack by offering foods that have the nutrients they need.Plan ahead